Strategy applied

I made this blog on request of  my family members, my friends and some of my business clients to help them to learn how to make decision on stock market without any external support and open my secret-box them a little, to show how did I manage to achieve my nice profits so far.

I will not show my own method, as I take extra risks in order to have extra profits.  That can result extra loss as well need extremely strong nerves, discipline and special techniques.

All of my analysis will be made with extra caution and I will publish my results as I'd show to my family members or friends.  I don't possess the holy grail, I don't guarantee anything. Please read the disclaimer.

 I will apply two strategies. Both eligible to make money safe. Profit is not to be maximized, related risk is low to medium. Still more risk than to stay in cash! Please don't expect miracle here.

I will only show 1x index trades can be translated to several financial instruments at will.

Target is maximum 1-2 trades per week. Only bull side will be targeted, main purpose to protect wealth, minimize risk and achieve a small profit. Signals are BUY  (or stay long ) or CASH out. Short entry points will not be indicated.

I can't spend more than half an hour per day with this blog, sometimes I write an update after midnight or early morning.  I have limited time to handle or respond my comments. Many thanks for reading me and commenting. I will do my best for you. Good luck!