Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick update

Update: Huge buying volume today on RUT, years ago there was no buy volume like this.

Large portion is concentrated to the last hour and there is a huge after-market buy volume waiting for price manifestation. All indexes had the similar effect, buy RUT counted the biggest buy insertion.
Lack of time, please find two charts. I promise I'll come back and explain.

First shows daily results:

Second shows volumes with after-market

Institutional money made a huge bull bet. The question is the effect in prices will manifest in few days, and it's contra-effect. These days are extreme.

Today I'd be still long on 1-day and there is more and more confirmation on bull side.
15 min gave a clear signal of market easing at 12:43 EST.
Chance for a big, long-term rally is low now, market is still uncertain. We need more confirmation to detect safe market.
I dont know the future, and I'd never bet a month in advance. This is a trader blog.
Personally I invest  in gold and goldmines or metals only.

We had a very interesting day today with extreme after-hours market internals. I will come back later or tomorrow morning and write a post with charts and detailed analysis.

Have a great week-end!

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