Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OPEX Wednesday

As I told in my prior post, market was ready for a bounce, and  it made a nice correction.
Most probably this short-term bull will continue on wednesday, as usually happen on opex weeks. (wednesday rally, thursday bearish push down).
If it will, then we sell our both units around mid-day, wednesday. (Also, I will leave for a week and this strategy needs a daily control with 20-30 minutes of analysis).

So, let's see our 60 minutes ichimoku analysis. It has fallen out of safe zone for a while, but could recover quickly.
There is a new basis is building up around 1085.

Signs clear that fed is playing for a bear-killing bullish rally and then push bears to a short-cover situation will contribute to a longer-term upward move.
There is a good chance for a thursday-friday fight. This market is really hard to trade and volatile,
as you could see, this  trading strategy does not try to trade every up and down swing.We are still behave as traders and sometimes we need to take profit.

(Personally I leave all my bulls in and o.k. with some correction as there is a strong and clear bullish setup building up with high probability materializing in 4-6 workdays).

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