Tuesday, December 14, 2010

End of bull cycle

Today we had a perfect indication of finishing the recent bull-cycle on 60 mins chart.

1-Day RUA 

This chart seems fine for the first sight, the only problem is an anomaly between bullish price vs. decline on volume sentiment.
Also MVO surge is exhausting giving bears a nice chance for a correction.
Histo also warns for bearish exhaustion.

60 mins RUA:

Double top on 60 mins rua signals an issue with the current resistance.
Moving average also signals exhaustion.
What we need to watch is the almost flat selling volume.

1-day SPX:

A very strong MVO bearish signal can be observed on 1-day SPX.
If we were not at QE2 I'd say there is a possible trend change.
This level of MVO did not occur since may.

USD 1 day:

USD has been forced to remain bearish, several traces to keep it artificially low can easily be observed.
This level of currency manipulation will lead to an economical disaster.


There is no healthy economy without financials.
Selling volume remained elevated. In spite of the huge spending for economy in 2010 there is only 0.5% improvement in bank sector. Great job! I can only congratulate.How much Ben spent for this? 1 trillion? 2 trillions? 3? Does not matter anymore.

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