Wednesday, December 22, 2010

For my readers

I remain silent, we have nothing to do, only sit back and enjoy this show.
If you are interested what's happening, follow RUA 60, 30 min volume chart and USD 60 min volume chart.

This week the Monday morning bear cycle  failed as immediately USD was shorted-large amounts of liquidity absorbed the attempt. Today we had an end of the next 60-min bull cycle. So tomorrow bears have chance again.

However after all manipulation, dollar is strengthening back, and Ben has dry powder again. Market is driven by liquidity, nothing else.

If you take a look to 1-day RUA chart, buy volume fell today under critical level, however sell volume is still steady zero. It means smarts slowly take profits and stay mostly in cash. We do the same in this blog. Wait.
Again, please dont try to short this market.

Also I recommend to follow USD futures/1 hour and silver/gold/copper/ES futures. You can see, PM sector makes healthier cleaning process than market.
At this level of VIX I still say, it's better to stay away. VIX might go lower, Ben has endless ammunition. But one thing is sure: longer this daily bull cycle extends bigger it will correct.

Again, Steffan makes very good daily updates on his blog, please follow him. I made my part in the last half year.

Good luck!

Fyi: today I've put some small close EOD short bet in in my portfolio and reduced my bulls to minimum. Check 60 mins RUA why.

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