Monday, August 30, 2010

Hard to believe

Dear my Readers,

I know it's hard to believe, but there's a much bigger chance of bull swtich (70%) than down (30%).
2 of the 5 indicators have clear bull confirmation on R3k, other indicators easing.
Yesterday was a final day to buy calls cheap and pass puts in a good price.

1040 will be tested overnight, giving no chance to masses to enter, then news come and in a second these internals will manifest.

We are out, and even don't want to enter into this point.

Why should we take the risk ?

Strategy I show here buys at clear signals only, guarantees 85% or more chance for success.
Still, that will make nice money for us.

Try to be a predator, not a victim: wait, observe and try to catch a good and safe moment.

Patience and time is our friend. There is a possible 1 unit SPX buy today intraday.
You will see if I trade that in my trades.

Gold: still bullish readings. Waiting some correction to enter with one more unit HUI.

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