Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quick update


I am just analyzing what happened today.
We had a huge fight in the backgorund, especially in the last hour.
There was a huge selling pressure has been eliminated just for EOD.

I need few more hours.
So far it seems today's trading day was used for further bullish volume insertion (!)
So far it seems, market is more stable than yesterday. Sounds crazy...

I feel 1130 is on the way, then I expect a small battle there.

On 60 mins chart I see a nice sum of buy volume waiting for manifestation.
I can imagine a 1-1,5% rise tomorrow.

I hope you already have your own account to marketvolume. It's free. Try it.


R3K 2 days:
SBV Histogram: 6,12
SBV Osc: 5,2

1 day:
SBV Histogram: 5,13
SBV OSC. 5,2

60 min


early morning I'll come back, need to verify my results.

Still bullish, but I see some traces of exhaustion. There will not be a big correction, we need more trading hours to predict better.


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