Monday, September 27, 2010

Week-End Summary

As I wrote a detailed mid-week post analyzing current situation, I'll make few notes and show our new liquidation limits and bull/bear scenarios.

R3k (RUA) :


All indicators are strong, MVO signals a start of a local surge.

RUA 1-day:

1-day RUA suggests critical histogram level, but momentum turning back. MVO suggests bull surge exhaustion, so we can count with a less dynamic market.

Both 1 and 2 days RUA charts show continuing bull market, but signal a final stage of bull will exhaust within 10-15 trading days.

R2k RUT:

Usually I dont sow any RUT charts, as SPX is more popular, but now it shows interesting volume signals:

As you can see 2-days MVO gave us a favor and generated MVO signal last 8 trading days.
If someone made a bet on this horse, now he can count with nice sum of profit. MVO is one of the most reliable indicators of MV indicators.

RUT 1-day:

Second leg MVO surge is on its way.

SPX Ichimoku:

I changed our soft liquidation according to the last friday's breakout.
August highs taken, now next target is april highs. We will sell our 1 unit at unexpected fall (soft liquidation has been changed to 1120s) or NYMO MA cross or just before reaching april highs.


As you can see, I have 3 units of gold and 2 units of SPX and I don't plant to buy 1 more unit of SPX, but plan to buy 1 more unit of gold miner.
Gold is in an absolutely confirmed bull cycle, almost unstoppable.
If it will make a pullback (I pray), I don't count more than 1-2%.

Internals are that strong, I can imagine that GOLD (and rather silver) won't make any correction. It just pushed through AYH without any major issue, now we progress toward ATH.
I'll buy our 4th unit above gold 1305 or HUI ATH+1%. If gold is on take off or runaway mode, then our major problem is to determine exit points of our units.

XAU is extremely strong as well, I count further, double gold rally with white metal.

Good luck!

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