Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday - commentary

Dear my Readers,

Your number is growing every day. If my statistics was a stock, I'd start to think to buy it :).
Usually I try to use my neutral tone while I give my analysis about the market.
I write my analysis in a close-to-meditative state of mind, and try to be as cold as possible.

Please let me write this post as a commentary meaning more emotion than usual.

First of all, you can ask me: why did you buy one unit just for fun, if you emphasized safe entry in your prior post?? Man, dont play with us!

Well, I am not playing, I really enjoy these times and have fun, but I made that decision on a very solid and conscious manner.

Let me show you why;  we have 79 points of profit, so we can take the risk.
For the time I made that buy it was the 9th time SPX 1040 has been saved, there was one further save.
Look, big guys made a decision.

They play their usual "pass the residual to others" game, this is the 5th trading day they are passing and passing. And they are telling telling and telling.

It's a mantra, they came 2 inches close to your ears and tell: "Come with us, we leave soon, don't try to step in front of us, sit down, here is your place, dude, dont attack 1040, we will smash you, dude, make money on our side". Ben also stood up and told his jumbo jet is here, sit in, close your belts and he will pull that stick soon, don't step in front of him.

This, 10 times of mantra and open speech from market makers is a rare event, extremely rare. This time they wanted to help for masses. They did everything for retails I feel. Also the fight they made was extreme. If you follow prices only, you saw a small part of that fight, but if you open internals and check how huge selling volume has been eroded and how, and how wide front did they defend and won, you'd be impressed, deeply. They also gave time and place for masses to enter to bull side and get rid of bear bets at a good price. They were very nice this time.

Actually, with my buy, I feel like a small parasite-fish just popping up and jumps to enjoy some juicy meal of the tired body of the winner....

I am impressed because this time not all the big guys were on same side. Situation was very critical.
I could recognize their fight. It was like orcas' fierce fight against each-other: water is full with blood around, but  the red surface is silent. Participants lost this fight for now, will come back, I am sure as their loss is huge.

But Ben, FED and their friends want and do everything they can to save US economy and stock market for a while. At any price.

Thanks for that, big guys. Your effort is tremendous, but I am sure you know, nature of the market is different. Anyway, thanks. US is a proud and great nation and I feel it must be defended at any price.

We need to be prepared if they'd loose the fight. Chance is very low, we cant' predict everything. There can be a natural phenomenon, a disaster or a sudden news bears can use as their last gun, last chance to attack and drag market downwards.

Look, if 1040 falls, bear market is here.
Under 1020 several theories, principals, TA supports etc. will give confirmed bearish signals used by all, big and small market players. 200 MA is turning downwards: it was a must to act against that. And that storm, if comes into effect will be enormous.

I say, let's use 1037 as our selling signal then. If that's in play, we will have 8 points of loss. Come on, it's a nice risk/reward ratio isn't?

Please try to use your knowledge: Which scenario would you choose after checking this chart ? Bull or bear ?

If everything goes well, you'll see miracles and sparks today and after. All of that is a result of this huge fight big guys made. That fight injected huge bull volumes and that will manifest.

Again: news will be matched afterward, big guys did everything in advance. And now they helped you, you cant' say they did'nt.

Good luck, have a great day!

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