Friday, September 10, 2010

VIX is still too low-market is too hot


I'd be more than happy to have some small cool-down phase before OPEX week.
There is a weak short-term bearish setup on 60-mins volume chart, also there was some sell on strength dump yesterday.
I expect 15-20 points of correction. I keep our 1 unit of SPX even it'll loose some points, as surprise is upward in a bull, and I still dont see major, long-term bull exhaustion. I hope 9/11 will not deliver us any surprise.
If market cools down now, it will make place for an OPEX bull-run enforces bears to cover.

Short sellers- best buyers. I take it easy, sit back and enjoy the show.

GOLD:  if HUI falls 5-10 points then I buy 1 more unit.

OIL: Nice price manifestation. Again, gain overnight, leaving masses out. Haha!

Good luck!

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