Thursday, October 14, 2010

Intraday update

After 1, 15, 30 min, now bearish signals clear on 60 min as well.
We have nothing to do, just sit back and enjoy the show.
Please remember, we dont go to daytrade in this blog, we are waiting for signals on 1-day then 2-days charts, and make decision based on thet.
So, 60 min charts only for learning how smarts play. Please remember all the things started yesterday, before the jobs report. News only found later and matched to facts.

I can't update you today. Sorry.
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You get the histogram and oscillator.
RUA 60-min setup:
Histogram 8,16
Oscillator 6,2

What needs to be checked, how powerful will the upcoming bearish volume be, and it's effect on 1-day charts. If effect is minor, then we can count with a small upcoming bearish rally, if it's eligible to damage internals on 1-day chart, then a little bigger correction comes.
I'll come back EOD and analyse or

Good luck!

60-min RUA:

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