Monday, October 4, 2010

Monsters shake the market

As new quarter opens big guys play their game: push prices down and buy cheap, while others in panic.
Daily, 2-day remains intact bull, but we can see a huge bearish attack started from last friday.
As momentum is weak, this is a dangerous play, can drag all the market down.
Hopefully our invisible protector will keep market internals healthy.
As per moment monsters perform gap testing (sep-23 - sep-24), and, while others make panic sell, freak-out and liquidate monsters buy , buy and buy CHEAP.

We reached our soft liquidation levels, but I keep both of our units as longer-term market internals remained bullish.

I know these are hard moments for you. I promise I'll come back 30 mins before  EOD and let you know whether I liquidate or not.

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