Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SOLD 1 unit of SPX @1168

Our compound return is 38,16% now. Cool. 
Please find details in trades section. ( http://smartmoneyvolume.blogspot.com/p/trades.html )
As you could see, with some experience we could make some 13 spx points more, but here we simulate a less experienced trader. I feel it's still a nice money.

We had to wait so long time. But now, we have a clear and nice bearish setup as:
-On 1-day RUA selling volume rose from steady zero.
-Histo gives negative signal.
-Momentum fell under 1
-Long histo gives negative signal as well.

We have nothing to do just wait and perform bear fakeout checks on daily basis and enjoy some 60 min analysis to check whether bear side is exhausting.

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