Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday - recovery

RUA 2-days:

Now bullish volume recovered, however, I still miss the rise on momentum.
At least, while bullish volume is on this high level, big crash is hard to be made, so bulls can relax a bit.

MVO shows possible surge exhaustion. If market does not gain momentum, then we can expect a usual after-surge exhaust pullback. It's not more than 3-5%.

Rising sentiment is a good bull signal. Volume-based sentiment usually advances volume and price manifestation.

RUA 1-day:

We can see a big rise in buy volume. While buy volume rose, resulting bull turnback on histo, oscillator and SB volume indicator, momentum fell below 1. Below 1 is a bearish territory. It means a pathetic internal; volume upwards, momentum downwards, stagnating prices; chance is high : tomorrow is a red day. (however, I bet, Wednesday will be a bull)


Great news:  marketvolume implemented GLD ETF. It's a low-volume ETF, but gives surprising clear signals.
Gold performs an unbelievable  bullish rally, stronger and stronger and stronger every day.
Unfortunately this extreme bull will end in a crash loosing 6-9% of prior day's high. So how to exit?
 I will write a post about silver. Silver is more volatile than gold and I will write some thoughts about possible exit strategies for smalls.

Everything is very bullish, on this chart, nothing to tell about it.
As you will see in my silver post, I give large change that we are long, long way from the end of this bull, at least 5 months ahead, and we will see surrealistic high numbers. It's a beginning of a hyperbolic rally.

HUI - Gold miners 1 day:

Now it seems it will be a double bull. First half of that was 20 days long and we are in the 10th day of the second half. So we can expect some correction in the next 7-10 days.

Good Luck!!

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