Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a nice day!

Loaded huge amount of silver longs at starting bell..... Gush...
I am full with gold miner, junior miners and silver miners, also with silver longs....

I should write a lot about today's internals and detail how will we escape before mass out of our HUI positions.

I hope it tells something I have 4 units of HUI and 1 unit of SPX. I reallly believe we are in a historical moment in PM sector!

SPX now safe again. I expect some cooldown, but now bull return is on it's way.
Gold miners: ride this bull, dont care about classic TA indicators!

Focus is on USD now. Seems we are on the way of total USD collapse, so our hedging in PM sector is a must I feel.

SOX: damned healthy.

I have a lot to do on this blog, charts, explanations, etc,  should tell a lot to you about gold exit, also there is a question I should answer.
Anyway I have some work now and then some beer.


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