Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick update

Dear my Readers,

First of all, many thanks for your compliments.
There are much, much better guys than me, but they remain silent and make money for smarts.
I will introduce you a masterwork in few days where you can see all wisdom about volumes in one place.

However I am in constant rush, so let me summarize our situation:

I hope that you already have an MV account, at least a 30 days trial. It's free. Believe me it gives so much help to understand stock market and main commodities.

1-day RUA:

Yesterday I sold my 1 unit of SPX as sell volume rose from steady zero.
There was some 40 mins left till closing bell, and a bull surge corrected it for zero again.
Anyway in my earlier post I told to check this every 2-3 hours intraday, and if it rises on 1-day, market is not safe, even it corrects to zero.
As you can see, MVO is declining, and momentum is bearish, both histo remain negative so I dont buy this 'rally'.

RUA 60 min:

Now it's clear that today is a gap buyup, and market could not manage to produce more than a middle gap-close.
While all the gap is not closed and long and short histo and momentum gives bearish signal on 1-day, market is not safe.

I dont have time to show you dollar, hui, etc, need to run.
Thanks again for your all nice words!

cheers: salad

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