Friday, November 19, 2010


1 SPX @1194
1 HUI @544
1 SIL  @23.15

I was travelling yesterday late afternoon and night, so I could not update the blog.
Market will make a cool down a little today.

What we do is to build core positions.
Core is 1 unit of SPX, 2 units of HUI, 2 units of SIL.
When market is safe, I'll buy 1 more unit of SPX, 2-4 units of HUI, 2-4 units of SIL.
As per moment, market is not safe, there will be some testback.
That will give us lots of information about the health of the market.

Long term volume charts show we had a minor correction and trend is bull.
Steffan, many thanks for helping the team with your charts.

James. Can you see? The biggest mistake could make is to sell your stakes in decline.
Now, as you did not sell, you did not loose.
Zero emotion, cool head and vision. These are the keys for winer trading.

Next week I'll have more time and I'll answer some questions from this and last week.

I'll try to come back and make a market review EOD.
I might buy further 1 SIL and 1 HUI today, if correction happens.

Good luck!

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