Thursday, November 4, 2010


In one day all the preparation we could follow last days led to fierce price manifestation.
Of course without putting our eggs into the nest in advance, we could not reach our nice profits.

Let's see our status for today.

RUA 1-Day:

Histo in positive area, oscillator improves, momentum is strong bull, giving high probability of further continuation, long histo turned to positive. Sentiment signals improving bull as well.

Financials 1-Day:

Histo turned to positive after long sideways move, histogram gives improving bull signal. Buy volume converges to zero giving nice chance for a clear bull situation where sell volume remains flat and not in levitation. MVO gave exact entry point on 28-oct and now exhausted. Momentum is improving as well.

USD 1-day:

Huge bearish spikes (200% of VMA) today and yesterday give some imagination that all improvements in market are nothing more than clear financial manipulation. Gold and silver immediately punished this heavy manipulation producing nice gain. All others were not in the stock market count serious losses in their money and this loss is invisible. AS PER MOMENT.

Let's see Gold and silver now:

HUI 1d:

Now you can see why did I buy at moments all of you felt I am a fool :)
Mostly I made my buys because buying volume rose from flat zero. That was followed by histo turning to positive, improving oscillator, sentiment, etc. Gold is in ATH phase, so there is only mental barrier now in prices. When others will cheer and rush on top, we will gradually draw our gold-eggs out. Only self-regulation will help to cash our gains.

XAU 1-day:

It was worth to buy the 1 unit of silver. As I still expect a correction in the next 15-20 days (not so big, but at least an attempt to save USD from falling to no-man's land (do you remember to that ichimoku?) I might make a profit taking both in gold and silver.

Simply, bull and gold recovered and now super-bullish again.
on 60-min  XAU you can see how huge MVO surge is there.

One thing: do you remember my chart below?
I posted that sometime in september. Let's see it now:

If everything goes well, we will see a huge improvement in stockmarket for the next 4-7 months.

Good luck!

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