Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Dear My readers,

I am not so happy to read you are very interested in my opinion regarding to short-side trades, also you make your trades depending on mine.


My purpose in this blog is to teach you. I clearly specified what will I show you: safe way to make money on bull side.
And my intention is to teach you. Please don't make your decision because of me. Learn to listen the market, make volume TA and classic TA and make your own decision without help.

I trade on my blog to show you the underlying strategy and pinpoint the strongest market segments.
Also I feel so embarrassing if I find a blog with thousands of readers and the writer does not trade what he says.
An open, free blog and rather paid personal financing blog without transparent trading record is accepted with strong doubts by me.

A bad statement or a bad analysis fades away and has no sign for new readers.
A blog makes trades has a value to trust in the writer: he takes the braveness to show his success and his faults.

But here don't follow my trades if you don't understand and accept why am I doing that.
Make your decision by yourself. It's your money, your wealth, please don't trust anyone.
Please learn and walk your own feet. This is the main message of my work here.

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