Monday, November 29, 2010

Weak bull manifestation

I was planning to make a detailed week-end post, but run out of time.
Anyway, I still wait for price manifestation of this bull cycle. So far we had one nice up day, then sceptic follow-up. If this weakening continues, I count with a second selling cascade.
As we have a relatively small, core position I dont plan to perform sell, maybe 1-2 SIL if things go bad.

Market is still not safe, and the reason of my worries is histo selling cycle is deepening on 2-days chart instead of the recent up day.
Also took a look to 4 days RUA chart and it has a bearish histo cross. Not a good sign.

However I still say, we have a perfect setup of going bull, but simply I dont see the power of smarts giving momentum to this opportunity.

We need more time. I plan to give an update EOD, late night or early tomorrow.

Good luck!

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