Friday, November 19, 2010

Nice improvement today

RUA 2-days

2-days chart shows we are far from being safe.

On RUA 1-day chart we can see a nice improvement: elimination of bearish histo, also selling volume started to decline.
Now, if market improves towards bull, bearish histo will decline to steady zero, bull histo will rise and touch the critical level. That will result betterment on 2-days chart.

Let's see a fakeout analysis:

1 day fakeout shows this bear is most probably a fake one.

60-mins RUA:

Today we had a bearish cooldown. Exhausting histo and rising buy volume gives chance for a double bull.

And finally let's see USD 1-day:

Bull histo exhauseted,  oscillator under critical level, selling volume reached signal line, momentum, what is mostly a leading indicator indicates slight bear. Very good signal.

Have a great week-end!

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