Monday, November 1, 2010

Smarts are waiting

But mostly their bull is in just for the case....

Also they are manipulating PMs. I dont give up my HUI positions, but some small profit taking is advisable if you dont have good nerves. Keep a core to follow volatility, try to minimize your margin in your portfolio, have some free cash for dip-buy.
Market internals are extremely weak, however momentum surge suggests a soon and bull recovery.
However, be cautious, smarts can push market in either way.

A small thing: NYSE already completed a nice fake bear, I expect the same from RUA and SPX.
I still expect a flash correction on other indexes.

Take a look, 1D NYSE:

With this strong MVO bull surge I defintiely would not short financials. Enermous, hidden bull volume surge.
And, you know, where financials surge up, it's a good news for bulls.

SPS 1-day:

good luck!

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