Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bull surge is over

But there is still a possible last thrust..

Let's see dollar 2-day.
Whatever happens on 2-days chart should be taken seriously. Volumes give cleaner picture on larger aggregation levels.

Smarts started buying dollar when no one was thinking about to do that.
Now it's getting be clear it was a good decision to start filling up dollar inventories.
If bigs decide to drag market down, demand for dollar will jump, and they again, will make nice business selling cheap dollar.
Currency market is huge, and full with manipulation. Smarts bought cheap euro springtime, few days ago they performed cheap dollar switching back, and now they prepare to eat Ireland and drag euro down. Dollar is a poison now in world economy and instead of giving real economical results make dollar stronger, the only thing will strengthen dollar is weakening other main currencies.
However, inflation is the target, not deflation, so after a while dollar will continue it's sinking generating rising market up to skies and flying PPM prices..
Now on 2-days chart it seems oscillator is weak, and does not continue it's bearish cumulation, chance is high for a bullish turn, means correction.Buy volume bounced from steady zero, meaning there is a chance for rise.
MVO made a favor us and signals bullish surge. It's definitely an important signal!
Bearish momentum is ridiculously weak bear.

However USD is heavily manipulated, so I can imagine some decoupling. So far dollar was an inverse mirror of market, now between rising dollar and rising market is a possible scenario for a few trading days.

RUA 1d:

Histo is very close to have negative signal, usually means exhaustion. Oscillator is still fine, MVO bull surge is over. Usually market takes rest and rises after a volume insertion like this. What happens, smarts invest mainly before the rise, then price manifests upwards. That moment magnets smalls to put money in, but smarts perform profit taking at that moment. As smarts injected volume overwhelming, compared to small buy volume,  profit-taking creates a price vacuum, generates price fall. This phenomenon is normal I must say.
However that correction turns into a dip-buy attempt mainly driven by smalls pushing prices up. Then, at the very end, when there is no momentum in market, bull exhausts, suddenly it turns out there is no buyer, the other side is empty, market falls, and again, smarts again waiting for their juicy fruits on the short side.

Ehh... always the same shitty thing....

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